Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Almost Heaven

Some days back I read a book called Almost Heaven. The book ends with the following conversation :

Son : Father, what is heaven?
Father points to his family and says : this is my heaven
Son : but father my teacher said heaven is in the sky
Father : then lets call this Almost Heaven.
It got me thinking ... what is my Almost Heaven? Let me warn you.. the list is long and in no particular order :)
  • A nap in my mom's lap
  • A tub of hot water, a drink and a good book
  • The swinging chair in the terrace of my home and a mp3 player with soft music
  • A messenger and an out-of-touch friend online
  • My college friends, the college "kutta" and lots of gossip
  • Pouring rains, a cup of steaming tea and a plate full of garma-garam bhajiya
  • A moonlit night, a deserted beach, a close dance and a special someone
  • A midnight talk with Aksu, Gappu, Chubby and Sasi
  • A houseboat, Allepy backwaters and a tranquil mind
  • A journey accompanied by a shoulder to fall asleep on
  • A hungry stomach and garam "varan-bhat"
  • A mother's tears on finding out that her daughter has got a good job
  • The sight of home after months
  • Fitting into your high school jeans
  • A cup of coffee and a catty session
  • Loads of shopping and someone Else's credit card
  • A long drive with the wind in my hair and NO TRAFFIC


  1. pretty soon m also gonna prepare it..but I loved the last one.long drive with breeze thru the air....

  2. "A good song", "Long, slow walk", "Playing lock and key with my lil cousin"... - to go on my list... :)

    btw whats the garam "something" food ur talking about in the list...? If its veg, I'm game for it.. he he!

  3. garam "varan bhat" is dal-chawal in marathi :)