Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm one of the worriers in this world... I worry about everything and anything. My worries range from not finding the right ingredients for a dish to losing my loved ones and I keep thinking and analyzing to worrying day in day out... So at times I'm worried about having said the wrong thing to the wrong person. This in fact is one of my most common worries as I have a very big mouth. Had to be to accommodate my large foot. You see I'm cursed with the foot-in-my-mouth disease.

Anyway back to the topic..... So I often say things I shouldn't... And recently I believed I had done one of my bigger i kept fretting about it for a really really long time!!! But after a while I realised that though the conversation never ever went the way I wanted it to it was still a relief to get it out... And yes it has made things somewhat awkward for me but the fact is I'll never have to face regrets over "what-ifs" in this regard.

"What-if I had said it?", "What-if I had given a clue?" nope, never gonna have regrets about this. Because I went out and cleared the air, so things didn't work out the way I wished they would have but I believe moving on will now be easier as I will never wonder if there was something I should have done about it. My advice to everyone reading this... if you want something to happen first do everything you can do about it and only then pray to god to help you with some luck :)

Anyway now that I have analysed this, I have decided to never worry about saying things straight up. Whew!!! thankfully, that one less thing for me to worry about!!!!

P.S. : this is for all the over imaginative ppl out dere...(basically my friends) the conversation I had was with my mom!!!!

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