Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Unforgettable Journey

On 20Th October I went to Malshej with some friends, namely KD, Sunil, Paro, Atul & Jigar. Now all those of you who have been to Malshej will realise that we went about a month late then we should have. For the uniformed... Malshej is beautiful during the rainy season....but otherwise it is just a ghat like any other....

All of were extremely disappointed to realise this as all of us were carrying a change of clothes in anticipation of all the waterfalls we had heard about..... But when you go out with friends, I think its impossible not to have fun, so we went back to this really tiny waterfall we had seen on the way.... n then we had the time of our lives splashing each other with water... going under the main stream of water n coming out n shivering with cold!!!

We then visited Shivneri fort..... n climbed in the scorching heat. Usually so much sun would have drained everyone of their energy n spirits, but we were having such a gala time teasing each other that we didn't realise how quickly we had to head back to Pune.... All of us wished that the day wouldn't end!!!

That night when i was thinking about the trip i realised that we hadn't done anything extra-ordinary in the trip that made it so enjoyable, the reason it has become one of my unforgettable days is because the company was unforgettable.

They say that it is your family that makes a house your home, similarly its friends who make any occasion fun and unforgettable and so my friends are very important to me :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Disappointments or Blessings???

I think most ppl r gonna find this post of mine overly philosophical...

Yesterday, I found out that my mgr had rejected some aspirations of mine. So i spent today in a total blue funk!!! didn't even go to work. But by the end of the day, i realised that this was not the end of the road... life is abt being flexible, rolling with the punches. I realised that till now i had been putting my further studies on hold, thinking that all the hard work i put in was noticed and appreciated, that opportunities would be made available from time to time.

Today i realised the importance of having a back-up plan. I believe that i am an overly ambitious person and so the rate at which i grow professionally
is as important to me as how much i grow. when i found this rate slowing down and could not understand the reason for it, i started getting frustrated with work, with family and friends, with life in general.

Today, i guess my mom was going through somethings similar, and she got irritated with me over a very trivial reason. I was going to fight with her about
it, when i realised that i had also been doing the same thing for the past month or so. That is when i realised that i needed to pull myself up by my boot straps and work out a plan by which i could either DEMAND for what i wanted or have a back up plan by which i could get what i wanted without needing my company to give it to me.

Now i have decided that i will always have a backup plan. No matter even if i am planning something very trivial, coz life is always gonna throw curve balls, the carpet is gonna get pulled out from under ur feet and so on.

Also i have learned that i must not let my professional life spill over into my personal life, or i will be unhappy 6 days out a week.

That's it...i am done "philosophising" for the day.... n i honestly hope that not many ppl read this..........

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jhonny Gadar...Why did TOI readers give it five & a half stars?

Today I watched the movie Jhonny Gaddar. I went to watch it expecting a suspense/thriller kinda movie BUT it actually turned out to be a comedy. There are actually times when you wonder if the real story is being shown or if lead is dreaming things up (his dreams or rather nightmares have been thrown into the screen play,however I am not sure if this has been done to relieve the tedium or to simply obfuscate the viewer)!!! Obfuscate!!! I need to get over my GRE mode.

Anyway,all my friends now believe that I am wasted in Information Technology,
as I should be writing screenplays for television or similar such movies, as I was able to come up with 3 different, completely offbeat ideas which would have actually made the movie a suspense, this talent is solely due to all the pulp fiction that I devour day in day out.

In short, my verdict on Jhonny Gadar....Go & have a watch if you have nothing better to do. And DO NOT expect a suspense movie, because then you keep on trying to guess the end and come up with scenarios, which will never pan out. The movie pretty much tells who did it, right at the start!!! However the movie shows a sense
of irony that is very "real".

OK... sorry...i guess i should have called it "My Long Verdict"

Monday, October 8, 2007

Bedtime Mailbox or Bedtime Laughs?

A colleague of mine suggested a book to me today, and even lent his copy to me!!! Usually, being the stubborn person that I am, I wouldn't have read the book (I am so not the Chicken Soup types ) . But the book had short stories in it, and I read one while I was waiting for some response from the onsite team over an issue in my project and it was so hilarious, that i forgot my annoyance with the great n mighty ones sitting happily in London.

This book is a collection of mails that have done rounds once, twice, thrice.... even saying thousand times wouldn't be an exaggeration. So some of the articles present where already known to me while some were not. I use the term articles loosely, because its more of humorous satire on the realities of life, but mark u, not the biting kind that makes one feel embarrassed about having been in similar but the kind that makes u look back and laugh at yourself, your inexperience or at times your over exuberance.

My favourite story was about traffic on Indian Roads. What struck me the most about this was that inspite of ruing the unruly & unlawful Indian traffic, at the end the author still points out that the number of traffic accidents and deaths caused by them is less in India then in US and many other developed countries.

Anyway, according to me, Bedtime Mailbox is a great book, a must read for book lovers and non lovers. However if you are not a reader, worry-not, you will get most of the articles as forwards sometime or other in your life :)