Thursday, September 18, 2008

SCS - Single Child Syndrome

Some days back my roommate used my soap as hers had gotten over. On discovering this I was mildly annoyed and I'm very vocal with my annoyances. She seemed very surprised by this. When i tried to explain the reason by saying that I'm a single child she just gave me a blank look.
made me wonder... haven't people heard of single child syndrome????
So let me list down things typical to a single child. . .
1) Very very possessive about things and people. I'm possessive about my soap, my towel, my blankie, my pillow, my soft toys, my phone, my laptop, etc etc (The list is just too long)
I'm also very possessive about my mom!!!
2) Used to getting their own way.. people phrase this as stubborn, headstrong, decisive, firm, determined and so on
3) Not very quick to make friends
4) Go off into their own space where no one is allowed
5) and many more
However the most common factor is the possessive nature displayed by all single children worldwide!!!

So I tried thinking of why it is so and here is what I came up with....
Situation : I have a teddy bear that I can't go to sleep without. . . now if I had a brother or sister, I'm sure they would have stolen it or snatched it or hidden it from me simply to be perverse (I have oft observed such behaviour amongst siblings of my friends). I'm sure that due to such irrational behaviour I would have become accustomed to thinking of possessions as ours instead of mine. however being a single child this situation never ever arose and I was always the princess of all I surveyed!!!

Does this mean I'm spoilt? Possibly!!! Anyway now that I'm living with friends its very difficult for me to adjust to the idea of communal property and so my seemingly absurd tempers are viewed with total disbelief. This post is an attempt to explain myself to my friends and of course myself :)
I'm a single child and so ruled by all the idiosyncrasies displayed by a typical single child!!!

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