Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Natha marega kintu jeevit rahega!

The movie tries to shock the user about the media circus that exists in India, using a proposed farmer suicide as base to showcase the TRP wars.

This movie has a moral, the way most Aamir Khan movies do. It basically shows how the actual issue is trivialized and focus is shifted from issues that affect millions to single individual. Here, rather than focusing on why farmers are even considering suicide, they focus on finding how random people "feel" about Natha committing suicide. They forget that suicide is illegal in India and there has to be an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness for someone to even contemplate such a drastic and final step.
This entire sentiment is conveyed through the disillusion that sets into a small time local newspaper reporter trying for a break into big time.

My only grouse is that the first half drags a little, being almost and art film, the duration seems a little long and so the film editing could have be tighter.

Everyone's performance in the movie is very good. Natha has very few dialogues but manages to convey his feelings through expressions beautifully, I especially loved the longing look when he sees the boiled eggs and is coveting them.

Raghuveer Yadav's Mehengai is a heartfelt song that strikes a chord in everyone. and Des Mera has a catchy tune!

My verdict, Its a good movie, but Jaane Bhi do Yaaron (the best Bollywood satirical movie IMO) is in a complete different class.

Rating : 4/5

Monday, August 9, 2010

Aisha Movie Review

I had heard that Aisha is an adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. Not having read the book I can't verify this but I can definitely tell that Aisha is a straight lift off from Resse Witherspoon's Clueless.
In spite of being a copy, the movie starts well. Audiences connect with the characters and the situations. The comic moments succeed in electing some laughter from the crowd. In fact my guy, who hates chick flicks and had come along under duress, admitted to enjoying the first half. All izz well till the intermission.
The second half makes you feel that the cast and crew decided to throw away the script and enact every cliche ever written about romantic stories! The story drags worse than a Vajpayee's each word enunciated speech! Characters lose their verve and dialogues keeps repeating. This kills all the feel good factor built by the previous half and you just want to shout at someone to forward the sobby sobby emotional claptrap. What caps the whole sorry state is having to hear Aisha(Sonam Kapoor) spout ten minutes of barely tolerable dialogues followed a minute later by Arjun(Abhay Deol) repeat it word-to-word! I loved the music of the movie. Perfect mix of peppy and soft numbers.
Performance wise Abhay Deol is wooden. He should stick to the offbeat roles that he does brilliantly. Sonam Kapoor was OK. Her smile is a lot more genuine and engaging than the plastic models of perfections she is compared to but her voice is irritating and expressions not quite there yet! Cyrus plays the loser in his usual MTV style. I loved Ira Dubey (Shades of Lillete Dubey), the girl who played Pinky, carried off her character perfectly! Overall, I will give the movie 2 stars out of 5