Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Unforgettable Journey

On 20Th October I went to Malshej with some friends, namely KD, Sunil, Paro, Atul & Jigar. Now all those of you who have been to Malshej will realise that we went about a month late then we should have. For the uniformed... Malshej is beautiful during the rainy season....but otherwise it is just a ghat like any other....

All of were extremely disappointed to realise this as all of us were carrying a change of clothes in anticipation of all the waterfalls we had heard about..... But when you go out with friends, I think its impossible not to have fun, so we went back to this really tiny waterfall we had seen on the way.... n then we had the time of our lives splashing each other with water... going under the main stream of water n coming out n shivering with cold!!!

We then visited Shivneri fort..... n climbed in the scorching heat. Usually so much sun would have drained everyone of their energy n spirits, but we were having such a gala time teasing each other that we didn't realise how quickly we had to head back to Pune.... All of us wished that the day wouldn't end!!!

That night when i was thinking about the trip i realised that we hadn't done anything extra-ordinary in the trip that made it so enjoyable, the reason it has become one of my unforgettable days is because the company was unforgettable.

They say that it is your family that makes a house your home, similarly its friends who make any occasion fun and unforgettable and so my friends are very important to me :)

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