Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jhonny Gadar...Why did TOI readers give it five & a half stars?

Today I watched the movie Jhonny Gaddar. I went to watch it expecting a suspense/thriller kinda movie BUT it actually turned out to be a comedy. There are actually times when you wonder if the real story is being shown or if lead is dreaming things up (his dreams or rather nightmares have been thrown into the screen play,however I am not sure if this has been done to relieve the tedium or to simply obfuscate the viewer)!!! Obfuscate!!! I need to get over my GRE mode.

Anyway,all my friends now believe that I am wasted in Information Technology,
as I should be writing screenplays for television or similar such movies, as I was able to come up with 3 different, completely offbeat ideas which would have actually made the movie a suspense, this talent is solely due to all the pulp fiction that I devour day in day out.

In short, my verdict on Jhonny Gadar....Go & have a watch if you have nothing better to do. And DO NOT expect a suspense movie, because then you keep on trying to guess the end and come up with scenarios, which will never pan out. The movie pretty much tells who did it, right at the start!!! However the movie shows a sense
of irony that is very "real".

OK... sorry...i guess i should have called it "My Long Verdict"

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