Monday, October 8, 2007

Bedtime Mailbox or Bedtime Laughs?

A colleague of mine suggested a book to me today, and even lent his copy to me!!! Usually, being the stubborn person that I am, I wouldn't have read the book (I am so not the Chicken Soup types ) . But the book had short stories in it, and I read one while I was waiting for some response from the onsite team over an issue in my project and it was so hilarious, that i forgot my annoyance with the great n mighty ones sitting happily in London.

This book is a collection of mails that have done rounds once, twice, thrice.... even saying thousand times wouldn't be an exaggeration. So some of the articles present where already known to me while some were not. I use the term articles loosely, because its more of humorous satire on the realities of life, but mark u, not the biting kind that makes one feel embarrassed about having been in similar but the kind that makes u look back and laugh at yourself, your inexperience or at times your over exuberance.

My favourite story was about traffic on Indian Roads. What struck me the most about this was that inspite of ruing the unruly & unlawful Indian traffic, at the end the author still points out that the number of traffic accidents and deaths caused by them is less in India then in US and many other developed countries.

Anyway, according to me, Bedtime Mailbox is a great book, a must read for book lovers and non lovers. However if you are not a reader, worry-not, you will get most of the articles as forwards sometime or other in your life :)

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