Thursday, February 25, 2010

Final goodbye

I messed up and put this post in my photo blog :( so changing it to come on my regular blog.

ok ok ... i know its pathetic but i am trying my hand at poetry or with this attempt just rhyming words :| but bear with me people... as I plan to persevere

Today is the final goodbye
We won't have a second chance to say bye bye
I expected sadness I expected melancholy
I never expected it to be just another day
I expected a hug I expected a kiss
I never expected to not hear even a bye
I know the moment will never come again
I know the unsaid words will echo in the silence
They will repeat in the if only space
I know that the unmade gestures will play in the still recesses
They will repeat in the what if terrain
I know I would have returned if he would have but said the word
But he is busy in his world where I am naught but a pain
I don't rate a farewell nor a kiss goodbye
But he is my life and this will make me cry
I won't let the tears show smile instead and give a jaunty ciao
And when it rains I will cry
So he never knows that I know he was never mine to expect a goodbye

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