Friday, March 20, 2009

My demons

It’s a long road up ahead

And I have to travel it on my own

Its not the hardships that make me pause

Its not the perils that make me think twice


It’s the fear of being all alone that

sends a chill running up my spine

The thought of dying alone,

without anyone to say goodbye to,

that brings out the goosebumps on my skin


I wonder what I would like my epitaph to read

A sudden pause, A heavy pause,

as I chilling thought makes it way into my head

will there be someone to even put me in a grave?

Let alone carve out a message in my remembrance


I do not fear insects, I do not fear rodents

I do not fear demons, I do not fear devils

I do not fear vampires, I do not fear witches

I do not fear death, I do not fear torment in hell

I fear torment on earth, the torment of being lonely

Not alone but lonely, where my thoughts remain unheard

My emotions untold, my memories unshared.


  1. hmmm.....interesting.but why so lonely with so many people around you.

  2. A person can be surrounded by trillions of people... but if no one can hear heart his/her heart says then that person is more lonely than a man stranded on moon.
    The poem is not personal per say. . . its just a thought