Tuesday, March 17, 2009


She is lost...
lost in this big world
lost in her own private world...

is she a mother?
or maybe a daughter?
no wait isn't she a wife?
oh but she is also a friend
she is an aunt, a niece a sister, even a cousin

but exactly who is she?
what is her identity?
are these relations all that she is?
or is there more to her?

over the years,
she has lost herself
lost parts of her to each of these relations
till there is nothing left but a shell

and now that she is all alone
she wonders can the shell exist?
is her identity lost forever
or can she find herself again?

with these questions in her mind
she starts a new journey
a journey to find herself
have her own identity
and at the same time
not lose out on any relationship


Okk... tats my pathetic attempt at poem writing ... inspired by the feminist in me and a song from the movie Astitva...

the song goes...

Na mitungi (I will not be destroyed)
Na marungi (I will not die)
Na jalungi   (I will not burn)
Na bujhungi... (I will not be extinguished)

Maine thi (I was)
Maine Hu (I am)
Maine rahungi (I will be)

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