Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter and deathly Hallows

(Warning : Long Post, also contains a lot spoilers. )

By now the entire world and its aunt knows that I am disappointed by the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows movies (Part 1 & 2). Well disappointed is a mild word.. I HATED the movies. some part of this is due to the fact, that movies are too short to capture the details that are essential to the books. However, my unwillingness to even say tolerate praises for the movie stems from the fact the movie didn't stay true to the characters, it didn't include the important scenes that include the essence of the characters, instead it included dumb romance scenes. Here are a few things that sprang immediately to my mind

Part 1

Saw this quite sometime back, so can't remember all of it.
  • When Ron comes back, he tells Harry that Dumbledore gave him the deluminator as he knew he would want to come back. Actually Ron says "He knew I would go away" This highlights that Ron considers himself not as loyal as Harry or Hermoine and is unsure of himself, which why the horcrux affects him more. To this Harry says "He knew you would want to come back" displaying Harry's belief in his friend.
  • Right at the start, when Remus believes they were compromised, Harry steps in to say, we have to trust each other (this is covered hastily in a few seconds in the movie) but it is actually an important scene, showing that Harry is growing up and maturing.
  • This part was meant to establish the storyline, and faltered in many places, which i felt would be made up for in part 2 but never was.
Part 2

  • The biggest whooper, the end fight between Voldemort & Harry happens in front of everyone, which is completely missed
  • Fred's death, Neville challenging Voldemort and killing Nagini.
  • Hagrid's valiant fight, Grawp's intervention, which helps the fight with the giants (impervious to spells)
  • Harry stepping out of invisibility cloak to defend McGonagall, shows his bravery.
  • Harry can't here the horcruxes, that's just BS. He sees the hufflepuff emblem on the cup and remembers the diadem from when he hid his(and Snape's) potions book from Snape.
  • Dumbledore's explanation about Horcruxes. The movie never mentions that the ring was the resurrection stone.
Both Parts Combined

  • The name of the movie is "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows" , for heaven sake, talk about the hallows and Harry's obsession with them. Same as Dumbledore & Grindelwald. How he wants the resurrection stone more than the others as he has lost so many loved ones.
  • Harry realizing that he has to give up the obsession and concentrate on Horcruxes. How he lets Voldemort get the Elder wand. It tells us that Harry is now at peace with his destiny and will not be diverted.
  • Ginny's character is well etched out, making the reader understand why Harry loves her. The movie skips this
  • Dumbledore gets shades of grey, through his friendship with Grindelwald (for the greater good), and his manipulation of Snape, Harry and others.
  • Finally, Voldemort's power is shown when he curses everyone into a silence, and how that power has been weakened by Harry's sacrifice, when Ron's voice is heard over the curse.

So many things missed, that the movie leaves me feeling sad. I had hoped to relive one of my favourite books through it, but was left mutely horrified by what was being shown. All the non-book, movie Harry Potter fans, will disagree. But for me, I won't be watching the movie again!


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