Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ready Movie Review

Back after a long time.. and the motivation to tell everyone that the movie sucks!!! though I guess most people already know this.

Frankly speaking I wasn't expecting a story, I was not expecting suspense or emotion or brilliant emotion all I was expecting was some mindless comedy with lots of Salman Khan being himself.

Dabangg and Wanted didn't really have a thought provoking story.. they just Salman as a macho hero with oodles of attitude and both did that so well that i have watched them multiple times. they had dialogues that delivered with a perfectly serious face but were a spoof of yesteryear formula films. Case in point : "Tum jis school mein padhte ho, us school ka principal mujhse tution leta hai" These movies also sold the image Salman has built up for himself, that of a bad boy who has a heart of gold (views I don't endorse)

This is where Ready fails.. the funny scenes don't elicit laughter.. I tried to get myself into a mindless mode by forcefully laughing in expected places, but even that fell flat. The only really funny bits are Salman spoofing Dabangg and the Asin dreaming and drooling about Salman taking of his shirt sorry sherwani. Ready also tries to sell Salman, even naming his character Prem (remember MPK, HAHK, Andaz Apna Apna, and many more). but all this is just in twitter slang #fail. A really good supporting cast of Mahesh Manjrekar and Paresh Rawal is wasted due to the bad script.

I have to mention Zarine Khan.. if she really wants to do item numbers then she really must lose some weight and also her hands gestures are just plain awkward.

Overall I think Salman is the only reason the movie made any money.

My rating : 1 out 5

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