Thursday, November 11, 2010

Golmaal 3 Movie Review

Golmaal.. Golmaal... Golmaal is back again!

Rohit Shetty returns with the third installment of this mindless comedy.. and mindless it is! with puns thrown in left, right and center. Lots of references to Mithun movies, characters, songs and dialogues.

Story is stolen a bit from Khatta Mettha (the old one), Golmaal (The original one of this series) and thankfully has a climax which does not involve everyone running behind a single object. Only difference is the sad emotional scene included, to throw in a bit of drama. Also Arshad Warsi doesn't "play Black-Black" in this sequel.

Cast is a mixture people from Golmaal, Golmaal Returns & All The Best. Ditto for the characters they play. Ajay Devgn/Devgan/WhicheverWayHeSpellItToday does this whole movie with a single expression that seems to say I am wasted for such a role! Warsi, Talpade & Khemu are bearable. Tushaar Kapoor has realised that "Mayo" was last season and so adds to the dumb routine with some funny movements. Kareena is very good in small bits but has over acted in 90% of the movie. Mithunda is brilliant, even doing his trademark dance step during a song. All others are competent.

If you can manage to not apply logic or sense to what you see and hear (which I did very easily :D ), you will find the movie to be a light hearted comedy that can be watched with the family. he movie definitely is much better than Golmaal Returns (Yawn!).

Soundtrack is hummable and included 2 iconic songs, a.k.a I am a Disco Dancer & Yaad aa raha hai.. Tera Pyaar.

Overall my rating is 3/5.

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