Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anjaana Anjaani Review


Ok now that I have put the do not enter sign for the males of our species, let me start with the review. Akash (Ranbir) & Kaira (Priyanka) meet on a bridge while trying to & failing to commit suicide. Then they make a pact to wait 20 days before killing themselves and what happens in between is the crux of the movie.

The good parts:
  • The humor in the scripts is just right not over the top, a little corny but funny
  • The chemistry is there not the fire up your screen kind but a more of comfortable with each other kind
  • The story line has definite possibilities. What could happen in 20 days that inspires 2 people who have given up all hope to try and face their demons and come out stronger?
  • The music. The entire soundtrack is very hummable.
  • Best for the last: RANBIR KAPOOR - Since I saw him doing the towel dance I thought of him as too girlish for my taste. Although is acting improved with subsequent movies, I never gave him any thought as eye candy. In AA, as RK flexes his muscles, rips his shirt in a gay strip club and I had to change my opinion and how! His performance is top notch, he shakes a leg with the best of them and then makes you feel sorry when he hurts!
The bad parts:
  • Akash's reason for wanting to die are made clear at the start but Kiara's are left as big mystery, which when finally revealed are a letdown. My take is that they could have let both reason's build up more. Kind of like Shahid's depressed state in Jab We Met is explained as movie progresses.
  • Also their reasons' for committing suicide are flimsy to say the least.
  • Story is slow at the start and the end drags into the next century. So we know they are going to end up together. Please don't force it down our throats with the typical rush to the airport scene for half an hour!
  • Beyond corny scenes to show increasing attraction between the lead pair! I almost gagged!
  • How can Priyanka look like a fashion model even after being saved from the brink of death in a hospital? a little more realism people!

So my opinion, all you girls watch it for Ranbir and a mushy kinda love story.

My rating: 3.5/5 (I am a sucker for love stories!)

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