Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Housefull worked better then Raavan in the box office

On PFC, a blog post makes an anguished cry that housefull is considered more successful than Raavan (box office collections wise) and how this is all wrong.
I attempted to disagree with the post, but my comment became really long, so posting it as blog post :)
The comment is verbatim.

I disagree with your analysis. Would you compare Home Alone, Titanic and Avatar? Similarly housefull and Raavan can not be compared. Housefull, during its publicity campaign made it totally clear that it was nonsensical film that was made with the sole aim of providing a few laughs, show exotic locations and good looking people on the screen. IMHO it did that perfectly well. Meanwhile Raavan, during its publicity campaign alluded that it will bring forth 1) Ramayana 2) At the very least a villain called Beera and the story of him kidnapping the wife of a police officer 3) It made people believe that this movie will make them think, about interpretations of characters, plots, etc But it did not do any of the above, this movie is a failure because its publicity implied a different genre/ story! Had it been publicized as a story of unrequited love by Beera for Ash's character, it just might have done better. In the end, You should know your target audience and sell your product accordingly. Housefull did it right and Raavan didn't and that is well reflected in box office collections!

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