Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inception : My Take

I won't bother with a review as everyone is totally taken with the movie and its director! I will only mention the things I liked about the movie and the questions it raised in my mind.

Things I liked:
1) The performance by all the actors. A special mention to Leonardo.
2) The concept - it must have taken a really long time for Nolan to create a story that makes you concentrate throughout the movie, you really can't afford to miss even a minute.
3)The special effects are just right. Good enough but not so many or so awesome that you lose focus of the plot.
4) Overall, I loved the movie itself

Questions I have

1) Totem: You keep yourself connected to reality using your totem as it will behave differently in the dream world aka the top that never stops spinning. But in a dream world your subconscious believes that the top defies the law of Physics, So what stops your totem from behaving as in reality is that tiny part of your brain, which is aware that you are dreaming. Now If your brain doesn't want to keep track of reality versus fantasy, what stops it from ensuring that the totem behaves exactly as in the real world?

2)Limbo: I understand that Mol in limbo is actually Dom's projection of her. Assuming that Fischer is taken into the same limbo, by Mol to trap Dom and Ariadne is there as she is sharing the dream with Dom but how does Saito come into the same limbo as Dom? or vice-versa? They aren't even connected by the dream sharing machine.

3)The end is left open by Nolan himself leaving 3 questions based on whether the top toppled or not
  • If the top did topple, then how did Dom and Saito escape limbo? (presumably by Saito killing them. But then what about dying in a sedated dream and going into limbo?). Also, why have Dom children not grown at all? (Can be questioned as the time frame of Dom being away from them is not specified)
  • If the top didn't topple and Saito used the gun to kill Dom, then has Dom gone into a further limbo? (Is a limbo within a limbo even possible?)
  • If the top didn't topple and Saito didn't use the gun then where is Saito and how did Dom get away from him?
4) Th time acceleration told by Arthur and the time frame they operate in doesn't add up!
5 mins = 1 hour (Arthur tells)
flight duration is 10 hrs = 3000 mins = 50hrs = ~2.1 days
which means they have just a little above 2 days in the first level
Each level compounds the acceleration so
1st level = ~2 days
2nd level = ~4.5 days
3rd level = ~9 days
4th level(aka limbo) = 18 days
But the say, they have 1 week on the first, 6 months on the second and 10 years on the third!

My Biggest Disappointment
No trouble was taken to explain, how the machine lets you share dreams. A BIG GAP in my opinion and the biggest disappointment of the movie.


  1. Seems like the observations have been spot on. Btw were you even watching the movie? Or just making notes/observations for this blog?

  2. @Jimmy saw the movie.. just post processed it :)

  3. A very well packaged movie. There might have been goofups and there may have been things I missed in the plot of the movie. Overall a good entertainer, however.

    My mind refuses to think about the time period you have mentioned at the end. Lets save it for a face to face discussion. :)

    And yeah, nice theme for the blog kady!