Friday, May 21, 2010

Rajneeti Music Review

Rajneeti has a total of 4 songs. Other than Bheegi si Bhaagi si, all songs have remix version as a part of the track.

  1. Bheegi si Bhaagi si - Sung by Mohit Chauhan and Antara Mitra, composed by Pritam this song is already popular on TV and radio. It has a nice melodious feel to it.
  2. Dhan Dhan Dharti - Sung by Shankhar Mahadevan, composed by Wayne Sharp quite a few people are raving about this song, but it did not appeal to me as it sounded very preachy
  3. Ishq Barse - Sung by Pronob Biswas, Hamsika Iyer and Swanand Kirke, composed by Shantanu Moitra, this song is very catchy and I simply loved it. Lighty and breezy, its the perfect mood uplifter.
  4. Mora Piya - Sung by Aadesh Shrivastav and Rosalie Nicholsan, composed by Aadesh Shrivastav, this is the haunting melody of the sound track.
  5. Mora Piya(Twilight Mix) - Sung by Aadesh Shrivastav and Shashi, remixed by Deep and DJ Chantz, I felt this remix was not required and it lacks emotion that the orignal track conveys
  6. Mora Piya(Trance Mix) - Sung by Kavita Seth,remixed by Deep and DJ Chantz, Again I felt this remix was not required but it is better than the twilight mix
  7. Ishq Barse(The Bombay Bounce Mix) - Remixed by Deep and DJ Chantz, this remix tries to make the already peppy track even more peppy
  8. Dhan Dhan Dharti Reprise - Sung by Sonu Nigam, this song is a little more tolerable than the Shankar Mahadevan due to Sonu Nigams softer vocals.
Overall an OK album, but I am disappointed due to higher expectations from Vishal Bhardwaj.

Final Verdict : 2.5/5
Omkara and Kaminey set the bar, this one is way below it!

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