Monday, July 20, 2009

HP6- A muvie or a spoof???

I was so excited about the HP-6 movie that I actually bought exorbitantly priced tickets to a paid preview on Thursday and ran away from a shit load of work to catch the movie, and then I ended up leaving the movie hall with just one wish... to kill David Yates. Let me list down everything that is wrong with the movie.

1) DID the Director READ the BOOK at all????
2) So the start was ok and I was eagerly waiting for the movie to get better and then suddenly we are in Hogwarts where Dumbuldore start teaching Harry or rather showing the memories he has collected, but where was the memory of Gaunt. It is the one that tells Voldermort is actually a descendant of Salazar Slytherin.
3) Did we really need to see Ron snogging Lavendar Brown?
4) Was the scene where Hermoine sets the birds on Ron required?
5) Isn't it time the 3 leads actually emoted?
6) Why burn down the Burrow??? Harry needs it next year
7) the only scene that lived upto the expectations was the one at the cave. Also no importance was given to dumbuldore finding and destroying the horcrux in the ring of Slytherin.
8) The theory behind why certain abjects are horcruxes and why they are hidden in certain places is what lets Harry find them in the next part but that was completely missing in this movie!!!
9) And many more....
100) Now for the BIGGEST BLOOPER : Harry's greatest power : the Love he feels for his friends. So how could Harry just watch Snape kill Dumbeldore... in the book he was stunned and so couldn't intervene. This is RUBBISH!!!

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