Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The most memorable moment of my life

    The India vs Sri Lanka match was going to happen in Pune. But Crap!!!! my 9th std Hindi paper was on the same day at the same time. Lady luck has never favoured me!!! But then a messiah arrived impersonating as my mom's friend. He could take me in to the stadium during the practice session, one day before. I started dancing, got my autograph book and camera together. Got dressed in my favourite dungarees and kept about 5 pens in my various pockets, I was all set to meet my first crush, the love of my life RAHUL DRAVID and the icing on the cake... the rest of the men in blue too :) :) :) 

     The next day I went, met the MIB, spoke to them, even took photos with them but THE  incident that is itched in my mind like it was yesterday. The practice was over. The Sri Lankans had left and the police had formed a human cordon to make a path for Team India to pass. Rahul Dravid was the last one to leave , his hands were full of cricketing gear. A huge bag, 2 bats, gloves pads, etc etc. Just as he passed me, I took out my hand as if to shake hands with him and said "Goodbye". I realised my stupidity, in front of a lot of people I didn't know, I was going to be embarrassed, not because RD is impolite or rude but because he didn't have his hands free to respond to my invitation to shake a hand.

   But Jammy is as sweet as his nickname. to my surprise and the shock of everyone present, he handed some of his stuff to a near by policeman, freed one hand shook hands with me and then collected his gear and went on leaving me even more love struck than before. Is it a wonder that I still idolize him and can't tolerate a word being said against him? 

   This happened in 1999. Many will ask why I am writing about it a decade later. 

Because, the most memorable moment in my life is going to change. I still love Rahul Dravid but he is no longer the love of my life, that place belongs to another Rahul now. So before the incident becomes the second most memorable moment in my life, I wanted to put it in words so that I could read it over some years down the line and relive the joy I felt whenever I thought about it.

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  1. Finally, you did manage to get Rahul. :). Congratulations!