Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bangalore Speed Breakers

Everyday morning, I come for work and I end up getting irritated by the ten thousand speed breakers that are there.

       All apartment complexes put them up, one before the entry gate and one after the exit gate. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand that people speed past gates without paying attention if any vehicles are coming out or not. So these are necessary. But isn't there some standard for the height and length of these speed breakers???

    The length is really less barely there types. . . But the height is huge...i think they are in a competition to become the Mount Everest of speed breakers. My crib is because of these weird proportions they always scrape the machinery of my bike. even if I go over them at a speed of 5kph. I have even tried stopping and pushing my vehicle over them but no difference. 

   I believe the authorities are useless, if they couldn't do anything against people attacking women, then they won't even be bothered to regulate speed breakers. But we as a part of apartment complexes can at least make sure that our own apartment complexes put up proportionate speed breakers and that to only if they are needed!!!

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