Monday, October 20, 2008

Why is life is so complicated????

Here's one question tat I hear or say daily... I mean y can't things be simple??? There is a very simple algorithm which should be followed...
1) be born
2) cry for food, sleep and nappy change
3) get toys, go to school, do well in studies and have enough play time too
4) make sure child and parents are matched in ambitions (as in no science versus arts fights)
5) get into any college you want without any merit list fundas
6) study well, enjoy college life, have lots of friends
7) get your dream job
8) meet a special someone, fall in love with them
9) they fall in love with you
10) get married, have children
11) live happily till u die

Now if only life/ destiny/ fate would stick to this simple algo... everything would be so simple!!!!

but no... at the most 2 steps of the above algorithm are followed and that too without any guarantees... Urrgh so annoying!!!

90% of the time parents' ambitions and their child's ambitions don't match
90% of the time you never manage to get into the college or course you want
90% of the time you accept the first decent job offer you get as very rarely are you eligible to apply for your dream company and are worried about getting a job
90% of the time you end up with a different person then the one you dreamed of.

I think we have a mentality of adjusting to circumstances without protesting, without trying to change them and then cribbing about them once its too late. Why? Why can't we say, no! this issue is not negotiable, I won't compromise???
Most westerners do it easily and we then practice reverse snobbery and called them spoilt, soft, etc, etc. . .
I'm not saying they aren't some who are fit to called all this but then some of us have gotten into a habit "adjusting and cribbing" and that is what I am ranting and raving about over here.
Today I have decided to never ever settle for less than what I want because, again, 90% of the time, if I get less than what I want I believe that I only got what I deserved but then who judges this and why???

So from now on I am going to get what I want, all of it, no compromises, no adjustments!!!! And maybe just maybe... life will become simple.... as its the gray scale that makes things complicated for from now on its black and white only!!!

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