Monday, February 21, 2011

Dhobi Ghat - Mumbai Dairies Movie Review

To begin with Dhobi Ghat is an art movie through and through and 50% dialogues are in english. Does the movie really explore Mumbai? Not in my opinion, does it explore defining moments in the lives of its 4 leading characters? Definitely!

She explores the lives of 4 individuals with extremely different economic & social backgrounds, lifestyles and personalities and then shows very nicely how they get involved with each other. She does this using Mumbai as a painter's and a photographer's muse and at times through a tourist & migrant's eyes.

Performance wise everyone does a good job, however, contrary to popular opinion Prateik Babbar is a misfit for the role of a Bihar born Dhobi with a polished accent ( pronouncing Hotel correctly instead of the usual "Ho-Tal") and Aamir Khan over acts in the climax scene of his part.

Overall an interesting watch with very nice cinematography.

My rating : 3/5

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