Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Movie(s) Review in 2 lines

*****Long Post*****
I missed out writing reviews of quite a few movies this year, especially in december. So I am going to do a quick review for multiple movies in a single post. Some might just end with single liners.

Very very good. Cast does a brilliant job. Music is awesome! The twists a little bizarre. Music is very good and the lyrics even better. 'Dil to baccha...' pick of the lot! Should Watch

Love Sex Aur Dhoka
Very surprising for an Ekta Kapoor production. Manages to keep you engrossed throughout! very real and kudos for bringing the "Home Video" style film to Bollywood. Also this Home Video style is what makes the 3 stories believable. Music is very interesting. Should Watch

Tere bin Laden
Another awesome movie, very witty, catches the flavor and political connotations brilliantly. I loved it! If you haven't watched it, you have missed out on some really clever cinema. Must Watch

Do Dooni Char
Very very good at having a flawless script. It captures the struggle a lower middle class family goes through to improve their standard of living. The cast is really good and have the body language of characters down to a fine art. Must Watch

Band Baja Barat
A movie that makes no bones about being intelligent, it is just for fun kind of movie, a feel good romance, the kind that YRF does best. What makes the movie work are the dialogues (very Delhi/Haryana "isstyle") Ranveer Singh is the find of the year, he carries off the annoying but lovable tapoori so well that I was reminded of Aamir's performance in Rangeela. Anushka Sharma also has done a good job in the movie. If the name had been more "cool", would probably have had a better response. Ainvayi Ainvayi is a fun number. Should Watch

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows I
Better than HP & HBP but still sucks in comparison with the book. Can Watch HP fans only

Me ShivajiRaje Bhosale Boltoy
A marathi movie that I only manage to see recently. Although it often goes of into unrealistic situations and events, the movie manages to pass its message to target audience perfectly. With the brilliant star cast it boast, the performances are as good as it gets. Can Watch

Pirates of Silicon Valley
This is an old movie that I saw recently. Very informative. I found out some things I didn't know about Apple & Microsoft. Should Watch for IT people

Social Network
Good movie, with everyone raving about this one, need I say anything more? Should Watch if you are on FB.

Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy (play)
This is quite an old marathi play that was banned by Maharashtra Government in 2000. I saw it this year and remembered why I loved theatre. The performance by the actor playing Godse was flawless. The power and conviction that Nathruam Godse must have held is conveyed clearly by the actor without any histrionics or any over acting. Must Watch

Chance pe dance
Awful! Don't Watch

Pyaar Impossible
Beyond Awful! Please oh please spare us any more uday chopra comebacks! Music is tolerable. Don't Watch

Karthik calling Karthik
Interesting script but some undefinable element was missing. Farhan did a good job but it lacked the charm of Rock On. Nice Music. Can Watch

Well done abba
Typical Shyam Benegal offering was a nice movie but no where near the beauty of "welcome to Sajjanpur". Can Watch

Na Jaane kahan se aayi hai
Oh God! Why did I even attempt to watch this! Don't Watch

Dumb Comedy, leave your brains at home and go on watch for cheesy jokes. Typical Sajid Khan. Party type of music. I loved Dhano! Can Watch if you can tolerate Sajid Khan!

Only Hrithik fans should watch this movie to admire his greek god looks and the fabulous salsa at the start of the movie. I din't like the music either. Can Watch for Hrithik fans, other Don't Watch

Khatta Meetha
I would rather watch Pyaar impossible, Na Jaane kahan se aayi hai and Chance pe dance back to back than watch this one. 2011 resolution - Never watch Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar Movies ever again! Don't Watch even if some one pays you to!

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai
Surprisingly not a spin off the Company/any other underworld movies as I was expecting. Ajay Devgn proves once again why he has won 2 national awards. Music is also a plus point for the movie. Can Watch

We are a Family
The worst adaptation of a hollywood movie ever made in Bollywood! Don't Watch if you saw stepmom.

Break ke baad
A light hearted romantic comedy, one of the better ones of the year, definitely above I hate love stories & Aisha! The music is very nice and fresh. Can Watch if you like romcoms/chick flicks

Phas Gaya re Obama
The concept is superb. The actors fantastic! Yes, it does get slightly unreal at times, but the heart of the movie stays pure. A pleasure to watch. Must Watch

My Name is Khan
A hodge-podge story of too many issues together. A person suffering from autism in addition to prejudice over his cast and his trials and tribulations just made me yawn.Music is passable. Don't Watch

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