Monday, December 8, 2008

Reality shows...Promoting regionalism????

   Reality shows... I don't know any Indian who doesn't hear about them.....or hasn't seen at least one... I am addicted to roadies and have followed Indian Idol and Nach Baliye in their first seasons. The one thing that contestants and judges cribbed about was that people only voted for contestants from their region. Maybe this is true... I don't really know the statistics. Anyway, this led to all the anchors, participants and judges pleading the audience to be impartial while voting and to vote only the deserving participants. 
All this is fine, but yesterday, My mom was watching a singing reality show I noticed that the channel was displaying the name of the singer, his district/town and his state. If the channels real want to have a fair vote, I would think they wouldn't display such information on national TV. To me the pleas for a fair vote by channels just seem hypocritical now... not that I had much belief in "realness" of reality TV before.


  1. Nice Blog.
    I enjoyed reading your posts/thoughts/comments.
    I was able to identify myself with SCS - Awesome.
    Sometimes, I felt that I'm reading my alter ego's writing (albeit in female body "ahem").
    Good Luck and Keep it up.
    Erm ..
    How did I manage to gatecrash -> Thanks to Orkut. (Long Story Short : Me->My Cousin->My Cousin's Fiance (Aditi Patwardhan)->You)
    - Anand D. Nirgudkar